Based in Wisconsin, we're a team of craftsmen who take real pride in our work. For 25 years, we’ve helped our clients show what they're about and stand out from the competition.

We’re not an assembly-line manufacturer. We're craftsmen. We care personally about every project and customize it for every client. And we're cool with getting creative. Sure, that was a lot of C's—but the point is, with CCI, you get classic Midwestern hands-on service from experienced, innovative, and pretty handsome (we think) professionals. And since there aren't any middlemen or sales folks, costs go down while quality goes up.

Smiling action shot of Jeff assembling a large hanging sign.

Jeff is a craftsman at heart, with more than 35 years of experience helping clients tackle big challenges.

Born with a passion for building things, Jeff taught himself woodworking in his dad’s garage before going on to hone his craft at UW Parkside, Gateway Technical College, and the Milwaukee Area Technical College. It was after 13 years with Derse Exhibits—where he expanded his skills and learned to apply them uniquely to trade shows—that Jeff started CCI Exhibits with two partners. At CCI, Jeff's responsibilities span creative, design, sales, and account management. His ongoing inspiration? The enthusiastic expressions on clients' faces when they see their visions come to life.

Portrait of Tom standing in his work space.

Tom combines a wide range of technical skills to help clients build what others think impossible.

Drawn to the business of making things while taking a carpentry class in high school, Tom went on to enroll in the Milwaukee Area Technical College to perfect his woodworking skills. Cut to 40 years later, and he's still as passionate about the trade as ever. At CCI, Tom's not only a versatile business operator and technical wizard—he's also a masterful welder and mechanical engineer (not to mention a smooth operator in the spray booth).

Back-lit portrait of Abe in the shop.

Abe treats every day and every project as a fresh opportunity to do something awesome.

About 20 years ago, Abe stumbled into carpentry and the trade show businesses, and he just never left. On the shop floor, he’s a gifted craftsman, radiating positivity and productivity, and inspiring our team to deliver their absolute best (without forgetting to have fun). Off the floor, he works hand-in-hand with clients* to make sure every project meets their expectations, from start to finish.

*Abe thinks of CCI’s clients as friends. They tend to think the same of him.

Smack-dab between Milwaukee and Chicago.
1301 South Memorial Drive
Racine, WI 53403
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